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e-learning Portfolio

The material below provides some examples of e-learning projects we have implemented.

defra tbbTB Biosecurity

In 2016 Resource Initiatives and Land Based Learning Ltd collaborated to develop an e-learning course on behalf of The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in support of the Government’s 25 year strategy to eradicate bTB in England.

A key component of the Governments strategy is the implementation of a simple five point plan supporting the application of good biosecurity. The course provides a background to these five points and the scientific principles that they are based on and aims to educate current and future cattle farmers about best practice.

The course is hosted on the Land Based Learning Moodle platform and is comprised of a series of HTML 5 Scorm compliant packages, making it accessible via any type of electronic device.

More about Land Based Learning Moodle platform


seafishSeafish Online Training

Seafish is a Government quango which has national responsibility for safety and training in the UK fishing industry.

In 2016 RI was commissioned to create some interactive training modules for Seafish Online Training as part of its Moodle based on-line learning environment. The modules support the key competencies required by fishermen and provide a rich opportunity for participants to assess their own progress through the training materials.

All the modules are HTML 5 Scorm compliant and can easily be accessed via any type of electronic device.

More about Seafish Online Training Moodle platform


landbasedLand Based Learning Online

Land Based Learning Ltd is a joint venture between Landex members and the University of Northampton to deliver high quality interactive online course materials.

RI was commissioned in 2015 to convert a series of paper-based Workbooks produced by the former Land Based Colleges National Collaboration into a range of interactive learning materials. The materials are designed to promote independent learning amongst students and to reduce the time staff at the colleges have to spend preparing their own materials and assessment.

The highly accessible and interactive materials are HTML 5 Scorm compliant and can easily be accessed via any type of electronic device, enabling students to access them at their own pace and time.


abcABC e-learning for charity

Anorexia and Bulimia Care (ABC) is a registered charity since 1989. It is a national organisation run for sufferers of eating disorders, their families, carers and professionals.

RI was commissioned by ABC to design and create a series e-learning materials to promote a greater understanding of eating disorders. The materials have been designed for easy access allowing sufferers, their families, carers and professionals an opportunity to find out more about these common eating disorders. They have been created in an HTML 5 Scorm compliant format so that they can easily be accessed via any type of electronic device and can be effectively hosted on the internet.

The look and feel of the materials match the ABC house style and corporate identity.


brs elearingBritish Racing School - e-learning for education

The British Racing School (BRS) is a Centre of Excellence for horseracing which provides a range of training opportunities for those that work with horses.

RI was commissioned by BRS to create a series of e-learning materials to be used to support their basic learning programmes. The materials were designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills required by those working with horses. They cover the basic requirements of horse handling and the management of horse welfare.

The learning materials were developed initially to be accessed via DVD but have subsequently been modified so that they are now available via the BRS's own Moodle based VLE. They are designed for easy access and place a heavy emphasis on the use of video and other electronic media.

The materials have been used successfully over the past five years supporting a range of different courses offered by the BRS.


barfoots elearningBarfoots Training Academy - e-learning for industry

Barfoots of Botley is one of the UKs leading suppliers of fresh produce and sweetcorn based products, servicing many of the UK's large retailers. It is a progressive and innovative company that has fully embraced modern technology in support of its staff development.

RI was commissioned by Barfoots to create e-learning materials to be hosted on their training academy website. The materials were designed to support the development of the core competencies required by production staff in areas such as health and safety, hygiene and effective working. The materials developed introduced the essential knowledge and skills required by staff but in a context appropriate to the working environment at Barfoots.