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Moodle hosting and implementation

RI is able to install Moodle sites on their secure server and support the implementation process by helping to design, skin and construct the Moodle content. RI can then provide on-going site maintenance and management for hosted Moodle sites together with super administrator support, post installation, ensuring the sustainability of Moodle sites.

We offer a full range of training courses to support a Moodle installation. Click here to find out more about these services.


Learn on-line - Moodle course delivery

By utilising its own Moodle site, RI is able to provide a shared hosting service to host and delivery client e-learning courses. An ideal solution for those who do not want to invest in a complete Moodle site, but can see the benefit of an online e-learning solution. As part of this service, we will work with our clients to develop their e-learning course and establish it on our own Moodle based learning zone.

This is an ideal solution for smaller organisations that want to take advantage of e-learning but do not want a full web-site.

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SwiftTrack Certified Partner

SwiftTrack cloud-based assessment


RI is a certified SwiftTrack provider. SwiftTrack is a cloud-based assessment solution that enables dynamic evidence collection and recording against established assessment criteria. It gives organisations the ability to easily track and monitor competence and performance standards.

SwiftTrack is fully customisable to your way of doing things. It allows organisations to tailor the user experience and incorporate their own, competencies, assessment criteria and resources

SwiftTrack's cloud-hosted software allows you to quickly and easily store real time evidence as text, full HD Video, photo and audio-based and link it to individual records. It provides a dynamic competency framework which links to the evidence and on-line learning resources in one safe and easily accessible place.

SwiftTrack is flexible enough so that it provides unlimited possibilities, working in any industry or application. It allows both learners and assessors to quickly and efficiently add evidence of competence and managers and auditors to swiftly and quickly ensure compliance.

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